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McGuiresNadine and William McGuire, donors to the McGuire Scholarship Program and the McGuire Translational Research Building. We think that great communities have great academic institutions, and we should help support that realization. Through the University, we can touch many important and different areas as well as people. At the translational research facility, every stage and aspect of research, from basic science to real-life application, is brought together under one roof to more efficiently get at the root causes of disease. And through the undergraduate scholarship program, we’ve had the privilege to be personally involved in the education of many motivated and caring young men and women. Their ability, when given the opportunity, to advance their lives—through undergraduate studies, semesters abroad, in some instances graduate school, and through personal interaction and support —is most rewarding for us. It’s also great to meet the families and share their pride in the accomplishments of their sons and daughters. Each year, we ask the scholarship students to “Pass it on. Take this gift of education and life experience, use it in ways that are meaningful to you...and in turn, remember to share and give to others whenever possible.”
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HamiltonPatti Hamilton, ’11, hockey pep band and marching band member, McGuire scholar, psychology and sociology major  I can reach my potential, take on leadership positions, and get involved. Being the only child of a single parent, I am pretty independent. I love school and being a part of everything. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to be in band, serve as vice president of my sorority, and work part-time. It is THE reason I am able to go to college. I am interested in how people think, what makes them tick. After a lot of research, I focused my major on criminology, law, and deviance with a dream of becoming an FBI criminologist. My motto is, “Go Big, or Go Home.”
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KongChester Kong, ’11, McGuire scholar, biology major  I am able to pursue my passions. Because my parents came from China with little education, they encouraged me to do well. I have a deep interest in field biology, but college courses have ignited my love for the environment and dream of graduate school and becoming a research biologist. Interestingly, I’m not a morning person, but I gladly get up early for the field classes. Scholarships have given me a different mindset of what is possible and have opened up opportunities for me to explore my interests, do well in school, volunteer with the Department of Natural Resources and become active in student clubs. This year, I’m president of the Break Dance Club. I love it!
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LowWalter Low, professor, Department of Neurosurgery  By moving my lab to the McGuire Translational Research Building, I was able to initiate new collaborative projects that will allow us to make discoveries that could extend the therapeutic window for treating strokes, create a brain cancer vaccine, and diagnose certain diseases in early stages, ultimately helping to save lives. When I came to the university in 1990, my lab space consisted of isolated rooms where all my researchers stayed pretty much within the confines of the lab. In the new building, we have a linear array of lab benches where different principal investigators and lab personnel can talk to one another. This has led to a cross-fertilization of ideas and resulted in the development of new projects that have been funded by the National Institutes of Health.
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